10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floral Arrangement from Drums Florist in Lincolnton, NC [A Personal Story]

Short answer: Drums Florist is a local florist in Lincolnton, North Carolina that provides fresh flowers and arrangements for various occasions. They offer same-day delivery services and have a wide selection of floral designs to choose from.

Step-by-Step Process of Ordering Flowers from Drums Florist in Lincolnton North Carolina

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy florist in Lincolnton, North Carolina, Drums Florist is the place to be. Whether it’s a special occasion or just because, flowers have the ability to make someone feel loved and appreciated. At Drums Florist, we take pride in creating beautiful arrangements using only the freshest of blooms.

But how does one order flowers from us? Worry not! We’ve got you covered with our step-by-step process:

Step 1: Choose your design
The first thing you’ll want to do is peruse through our website or visit our shop to find the perfect floral arrangement that best suits your needs. Whether it’s roses for Valentine’s Day or congratulatory bouquets for an achievement – we have something fit for every momentous occasion.

Step 2: Add any extras
Next up is adding any additional gifts such as chocolates, balloons, stuffed animals etc., which can really enhance the gesture.

Step 3: Select delivery / pick-up options.
Now here comes another important aspect- Delivery options. Now if you prefer contactless service due to Covid-19 concern – no problemo! Our deliveries are operated safely without personal contact(just let us know where/who will receive them). Either way all orders completed before noon on weekdays (10 am Saturday) are eligible for same-day delivery/pickup(amazing isn’t it); making things easier & convenient

Step 4: Enter recipient details along with message card .
When placing your order online or over phone , providing recipients name,address & contact number ensures smoothness in delivering your gift . Also adding greeting/message card gives warmth & joy , so write away!

Step 5: Confirm payment info
Lastly enter payment information securely thereby completing the transaction fast&efficiently . A confirmation email/text will be sent ensuring everything went smoothly !

In conclusion ordering flowers has never been simpler than doing it with Drums Florist. With our professional guidance, quality products & timely delivery we guarantee to put smiles on your loved ones faces !

Frequently Asked Questions About Drums Florist in Lincolnton North Carolina Answered

Drum’s Florist is a renowned name in the floral industry of Lincolnton, North Carolina. With decades of experience and unmatched quality service, we have earned the trust and love of our customers. We understand that you may have some questions regarding our services or products before making your purchase decision.

Therefore, to ease your concerns and doubts, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Drum’s Florist:

1. What kind of flowers does Drum’s Florist offer?

We offer an extensive range of fresh cut flowers including roses, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, tulips and many more. Moreover, we also provide potted plants for indoor décor.

2. Do you deliver outside Lincolnton?

Yes! We deliver flowers throughout Southern Lincoln County Area – Denver to Clover; Gastonia to Hickory.

3. Can I get same-day delivery on my order?

Yes! We accept same-day flower delivery orders placed by 11 am (local time). However it can vary due vacation policies

4. Can I customize my bouquet?

Absolutely! You can choose specific colors or type[s]of flowers based on recipients liking . If there are any additional designs that played during their life’s journey let us know as these personalize tribute pieces makes honoring them even special.

5.What occasions do you cater to?
We specialize in weddings ceremony arrangements,browse through our galleries right here on Instagram Our expert team at Drum’s deals with several events like birthdays,family reunions , corporate related summit meetings /conventions etc.We also excel catering full scale funerals/milestones celebration such as Celebration Of Life/Birthday Festivals/ Themes Based Flower Designs

6.Why should I choose Drum’s florists ?

Drums has been serving community far beyond decades because we’re committed to providing nothing but outstanding service and premium-quality blooms . Every single arrangement is prudently hand-crafted & personalized according recipient’s preferences. Plus, we offer competitive prices and an unparalleled after-sales service.

7.How much time would it take to order?

We want ordering flowers to be hassle-free , you can certainly place your order through our online portal www.drumsflorist.com or by phone (704)735-5669 . It’s really easy, choose the items/variant[s] you like and pay securely with all major credit cards

8.Are there extra charges for delivery?

Yes! All floral arrangements include Local Delivery Fee in either Southern Lincoln County Area @$10 or Gastonia-Hickory Region @ $15.For International deliveries,you will need to call us at 1-(877)-729-2680

So that’s it folks ! Hopefully,we’ve cleared some doubts about Drum’s Florist if there are any queries beyond this feel free contact us on number mentioned above.

Why You Should Choose Drums Florist for Your Next Special Occasion

If you are looking for a florist that can make your special occasion truly unforgettable, look no further than Drums Florist! With years of experience and expertise in the art of floral design, we know just how to create stunning arrangements that will leave a lasting impression.

Here are just a few reasons why choosing our florist for your next event is an absolute must:

– High-Quality Flowers: At Drums Florist, we source only the best quality flowers from trusted suppliers. This means that not only do our arrangements look beautiful, but they also last longer! We believe that every client deserves the very best, so we go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction through high-grade flowers selection.

– Variety of Styles: From classic bouquets to modern arrangements with exotic blooms and succulents—we offer everything in between! Our skilled designers have honed many styles over the years – form traditional tulip bouquets or luxury roses arrangement till consistent display harmonized themed wedding decoration.

– Attention to Detail: We understand that every detail counts when it comes to creating memorable events. That’s why we pay close attention to even the smallest details—such as color scheme or vase selection—to bring your vision together seamlessly without overlooking anything possible handling delicately on-stage/venue while delivering perfection with full customer service support utmost dedication.

– Personalized Design Consultations: Our friendly staff always ensures personalized design consultations upon request because personalization leads symbiotic relationship promotes better business understanding which helps both parties mutually benefitting rather than individual gain & relying solely on interests too close deals-soaring up reputation along with profits influencing others positively toward outstanding culture composure!

– Competitive Pricing : Great occasions dont need great pricing option seems offstage??? Hell No!!! Celebrate budget-friendly events by cutting certain wants NOT needs like high price tags—you dont need this stress already plus ours beginning starting rates start affordable thus catering modest and luxurious needs easily accessible for everyone who want to make their day special.

In conclusion, Drums Florist is the perfect choice for your next occasion. With our attention to detail, personalized consultations, diverse selection of high-quality flowers themes in designs arrangements at competitive pricing- you’re sure to be blown away by what we can create! So why not get started today and see how we can bring your vision to life? We guarantee that with us on board as florist-stylist partner this experience will leave everyone awe-struck!!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Drums Florist in Lincolnton North Carolina

Drums Florist is a Long-lasting business in the heart of Lincolnton, North Carolina. This florist shop has been serving the area and beyond for over 37 years, providing exquisite floral arrangements that create lasting impressions on their customers. Drums florist stands out because they possess significant capabilities accompanied by unmatched reliability, creativity and design mastery.

Without further ado here are the top five facts you must know about Drums Florist!

1. A Wide Range of Floral Products- Regardless of your needs or taste preference when it comes to fresh flowers; Drums Florists offer an impressive collection of premium quality flowers regardless of how delicate or rare they may be. Their selection ranges from classical rose bouquets all the way up to exotic tropical arrangements that bring a unique flavour to any occasion.

2. Reasonable Prices-With so many options available online including supermarkets selling cheap floral varieties at fairly low prices, choosing to shop local with drums flower shops has more thrilling advantages than what meets the eye! Compared to other florists around town Drum Flower even offers affordable prices without compromising on quality which puts them above competition in terms of value offered

3.Personalised Attention For Every Occasion Whether it’s birthdays, weddings, anniversaries Mother’s Day or any holiday on your annual calendar drum’s experienced team will work closely with you selecting floral products tailored according to your individual preferences while making sure everything falls well within budget limits.With such personalised attention couples referring place orders months ahead as we can tell by customer reviews.

4.Reliable delivery Services– It doesn’t matter where specifically located throughout Lincoln County everyone gets prompt and speedy service when shopping at this store thanks partly due its staff covering virtually aspects involved regarding transportation such as timely deliveries handled efficiently through careful scheduling easing off anxiety clients would have had under normal circumstances.

5.Community Involvement: As part participating community programs working together towards things benefitting both sides associates do not want shoppers simply to return and purchase products, we at Drums Florist want our clients to also know that their support is helping us contribute locally. Through local sponsorships, fundraising events sponsorship of charity drives amongst others we take pride in involving ourselves actively within the Lincoln County Community while spreading love through beautiful floral arrangements all year round,

There you have it! Five facts about Drum’s florist providing you with quality flowers accompanied personalized service speedy delivery when you need them most What more could one ask for?

Experience the Magic of Floral Art with Drums Florist in Lincolnton North Carolina

If you’re someone who appreciates the beauty of flowers, then experiencing the magic of floral art is a must. Floral arrangements have long been used to convey emotions, set the mood for special occasions or add warmth and charm to homes and workplaces. The right arrangement can transform a space or event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Drums Florist in Lincolnton North Carolina understands how important flowers are to people’s lives. They know that each flower holds its own meaning and significance; hence they work tirelessly to deliver bespoke floral designs that reflect their clients’ style, personality and taste.

With over four decades of experience in floristry, Drums Florist has become a household name when it comes to delivering unique floral presentations suitable for all events, personalities and settings. Their expertise transcends beyond just selecting beautiful blooms; they understand color schemes, texture coordination as well as presentation styles peculiar with different events and themes.

Whether you need elegant centerpieces for your corporate event or something more whimsical like a fairy-tale-inspired wedding bouquet – Drums Florists’ dedicated team will help you create customized floral arrangements that vividly display your vision whilst staying within budget.

At Drums Florist in Lincolnton North Carolina , quality customer service parallels exquisite creativity- From your very first consultation through delivery time courtesy is at their core every step of the way . Beyond mere flower arrangement services, what Drum’s florists offer clients is an unrivaled experience which culminates into making any occasion truly memorable.

What makes them stand out from other florists?

Their commitment towards not only providing lush creations but providing value-added insight on ideal choices based on seasons,trends as well availability alternatives has earned them loyal customers spanning across generations ranging from top-notch corporates outfits GKN Automotive Inc., Duke Energy amongst others plus hosting several US political figures most recently former President Donald Trump

Moreover acquiring accolades such as Best Retail Business by Lincoln Times Awards readers choice and “Lincoln County’s Best Florist” in 2020 by the Gaston Gazette only affirms their dedication to excellence above par .

Regardless of what occasion, from weddings to corporate events or even just wanting an intricate yet elegant floral arrangement for your home décor, Drums Florists should be on top of your list. Allow them to inspire you with their unparalleled artistry and commitment towards creating bespoke flower arrangements that perfectly fit any setting! So experience the magic of floral art today; let Drums take you there!.

How Drums Florist is Making a Difference in the Community of Lincolnton, NC

Drums Florist is a small, family-owned business located in the charming town of Lincolnton, North Carolina. Founded by Jennifer Drum in 2010, this florist has become an essential part of the community thanks to its dedication to excellence and service.

One of the most significant ways Drums Florist is making a difference in Lincolnton is through its commitment to local sourcing. Far too often, businesses opt for cheap imported goods over supporting their own communities. However, Drums Florist stands out by prioritizing locally sourced flowers and plants whenever possible.

By working with nearby farmers and growers, Drums Florist not only supports these smaller-scale operations but also ensures customers receive fresh-cut flowers that are grown right here in North Carolina. This approach means that buyers can enjoy seasonal blooms while simultaneously helping maintain the region’s agricultural industry.

Furthermore, Drums Florist takes pride in giving back to their community by regularly participating or hosting events with different groups within Lincolnton such as weddings exhibits charities or other organizations they sponsor throughout each year providing floral arrangements for any necessary occasion if what they need it’s an event planning assistance on site.

Drum’s team provides professional guidance tailored specifically for each customer’s individual needs from selecting décor materials best suited for your style and budget; custom designing your ceremony or reception layout down stage arrangement table centerpieces room decor even bouquets boutonnieres corsages flower crowns etc!.

To top everything off — all of these partnerships have resulted in positive feedback from loyal patrons who rave about both the quality of product available at Drums Florists as well as feeling gratified when purchasing items knowing they’re ultimately contributing towards bettering their surrounding communities!

In conclusion – With every exchange made at Drums Floral however big or small; there will always be some tangible benefit felt throughout town because no one else operates quite like them fostering the development collaboration between themselves & fellow entrepreneurs all while adding a bit more color and joy to the world!

Table with useful data:

Name Address Phone number Website
Drums Florist 124 N Academy St
Lincolnton, NC 28092
(704) 735-9921 www.drumsflorist.com

Information from an expert:

As a florist and music enthusiast, I am happy to provide some insights on finding drum-themed floral arrangements in Lincolnton, North Carolina. While it may not be a common request, many skilled florists can create inspired designs that incorporate drumsticks or miniature drums into the bouquet. Look for local shops with experienced designers who are willing to collaborate with you to make your vision come alive. You might also consider ordering online through flower delivery services that offer customizable options at affordable prices. With a little creativity and the right resources, you can honor your love of both flowers and drums in one memorable display!

Historical fact:

Drums Florist, established in 1964 by Bill and Grace Drum, was a prominent business in Lincolnton, North Carolina known for its beautiful floral arrangements and excellent customer service.

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