10 Tips from Decatur Nursery & Florist: How to Create a Stunning Garden [Expert Advice]

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Decatur Nursery & Florist is a retail plant shop and floral supplier located in Decatur, Georgia. They offer a diverse range of plants for indoor and outdoor use, as well as custom-made bouquets for any occasions such as weddings, funerals or corporate event.

How Decatur Nursery & Florist Provides Top-Quality Plants and Flowers

Decatur Nursery & Florist has been in the gardening and floral industry for many years, providing top-quality plants and flowers to customers from all walks of life. As a trusted name in the world of horticulture, this company takes pride in its commitment towards excellence, sustainability and ethical practices.

Their output stands out thanks to their dedication towards selecting only the best quality materials available in order to craft beautiful creations that are both healthy and long-lasting. Their selection spans everything from outdoor garden plants like shrubs, trees, flowers or perennials as well as indoor houseplants or flower arrangements which they create if requested by clients.

A critical element of producing outstanding results is ensuring that they source material ethically with an environmental conscience; but what does that mean exactly? This means every plant purchased at Decatur Nursery & Florist is meticulously checked for possible pests or diseases prior to dispatching it so there’s minimal risk of transmitting disease into another ecosystem (be it urban planting spots such as parks/office potted setups etc).

Furthermore, before even suggesting any products to potential buyers – experienced staff will ask about factors such as lighting conditions / watering maintenance requirements when choosing suitable plants tailored around their very specific needs. From little things such as positioning your orchid near a window with indirect sunlight thus minimizing leaf droop behavior patterns- caring can be quite detailed when enhancing survival rates!

They have also implemented environmentally friendly actions within daily operations: They recycle plastic trays seen across nurseries nationwide rather than just throwing them away capturing pointlessness wastage; encourage sustainable water usage behaviors among clientele by advising not overwatering at home – which helps reduce water bills! The shop stocks some native Missouri varieties encouraging local biodiversity helping protect natural habitats too along with other essential resources derived on animals including seeds produced mostly by small scale farmers without compromising human rights .

The combination of these carefully considered policies alongside high-level customer care standards truly makes Decatur Nursey & Florist a great option for those in search of quality plants and flowers. Whether it’s for personal enjoyment, professional client satisfaction or corporate decoration- the team at Decatur Nursey & Florist is committed to delivering exactly what is needed while maintaining environmental values that coincide with modern society’s heightened awareness of such matters.

Step-by-Step: A Tour of Decatur Nursery & Florist’s Operations

If you’re a fan of gardening, flowers or just nature in general, then Decatur Nursery & Florist is one stop that should definitely have a place on your radar. But what exactly goes into making this nursery and florist such an amazing destination for those who share their passion? Let’s take a step-by-step tour where we’ll break down the inner workings of this remarkable establishment.

Step 1: Getting Started

As with any successful endeavor, there needs to be a solid foundation. For Decatur Nursery & Florist, it began over sixty years ago when founder Paul Gude opened up shop in his hometown – Decatur, Georgia.

But as time progressed so did the business. Today they are considered one of the most prominent winter-blooming camellia nurseries in the Southeastern United States!

Step 2: Sourcing

Upon arriving at Decatur Nursery & Florist, firstly one notices all around us countless rows and clusters containing various types and species of plants! And while some may assume these all originate from local farms nearby…well think again! The team here source plant materials from all parts of the country to give them more variety for customers; hundreds upon thousands come each year to purchase everything from small houseplants for their apartment balconies or impressive trees destined to tower over suburban backyards!

Step 3: Plant Care

It takes skillful hands (and green thumbs) to look after myriad plants every day that are necessary mainly because different types require different treatments/be handled uniquely varying from others. Most staff members follow schedules according to seasons – caring properly for spring annuals like petunias during March through October weather might mean daily watering/deadheading responsibilities. Meanwhile azaleas receive ball-and-burlap root system cultivations respectively done twice yearly between December-to-January alongside too pruning/trimming throughout February until July periods.

In order words- taking care of these living organisms is a full-time job!

Step 4: Florist Services

What makes Decatur Nursery & Florist stand out is their floristry services. Here, they create beautiful arrangements for both special occasions and everyday gift giving.

It starts with the flowers arriving in trucks from local growers or directly from international providers like South America, Holland or New Zealand. The team then sorts them based on quality and color before starting to arrange them into breathtaking bouquets! Once complete arrangements are thoroughly checked again so that when it is ready to be delivered -the client receives exactly what they ordered handled professionally.

Armed with knowledge of recent trends [be those classic shades of pink/red rose combinations or preferring muted tones], floral designers work hard keeping up-to-date trends throughout various seasons focused on newest colors/patterns/styles/etc all-over Instagram-Pinterest boards profiles now online that their customers will love- making each order a grand experience worth remembering forever by recipient parties!

Step 5: Customer Service

Finally, let’s talk about customer service. There’s an expression “good help is hard to find” but at Decatur Nursery & Florist this doesn’t seem like a problem because their staff always maintains top-notch standards prepared with helpful smiles/assistance even during busiest times (like Valentine’s Day!). They also encourage shoppers enquiring about plant care tips/marketing ideas/service inquiries maybe offering others horticultural advice/pruning answers accordingly providing much-needed support/different solutions/suggestions every customer might require/benefit long term success.

In conclusion, if you’re ever visiting Atlanta don’t forget to make your way here; the expertness of these professionals may exceed any expectation you originally have in mind!

Decatur Nursery & Florist FAQ: All Your Questions Answered

At Decatur Nursery & Florist, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and offering the highest quality plants and floral arrangements to our customers. As experts in our field, we understand that many of you may have questions about our products and services, so we’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions to put your mind at ease.

What types of plants do you offer?
We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, including succulents, tropicals, orchids, ferns, palms, seasonal annuals and perennials. We also carry a variety of shrubs and trees for larger landscaping needs.

Do you provide delivery services?
Yes! We offer same-day delivery on most orders within a 10-mile radius of our shop. Delivery fees vary depending on the distance from the store location.

Can I place an order online?
Absolutely! Our website allows for convenient online ordering of both plant arrangements and florals designs – either pre-made or customizable with exact specifications.

Are your flowers locally sourced?
Whenever possible we source locally grown materials; however as varied seasons dictate imported product/sourcing is used when necessary to maintain premium flower freshness year-round.

How long do your floral arrangements last?
The life-span can be dependent upon varying factors such as temperature/humidity exposure (example: July vs January), water maintenance by recipient after arrangement arrival etc., but typically out live grocery-store bought bouquets by several days due largely because they are generally planned/prepared closer-to-order-circumstance rather than being shipped across state borders like mass retail grocers require/demand

Can I request specific color schemes for custom floral designs?
Of course! Let us know which colors or themes strike your fancy along with any favorite blooms/petals desired during consultation… the more info you gather beforehand helps supply visual direction/tone even if some theme-customization decisions aren’t made until reach few design/mock-up rounds!

Do you offer corporate accounts?
Yes! We work with many local businesses to provide regular deliveries of plants and flowers for offices, lobbies, conference rooms, etc. Discounted pricing can be available based on frequency/volume.

We hope this FAQ has been helpful – feel free to contact Decatur Nursery & Florist directly if you have any further questions or requests regarding our products and services. Let us help bring a bit more joy into your life today!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Decatur Nursery & Florist

When it comes to finding the perfect nursery and florist for all of your botanical needs, Decatur Nursery & Florist is undoubtedly a top contender. This family-owned business has been serving the community since 1959 with high-quality plants, flowers, and exceptional customer service. But did you know that there are some exciting facts about this reputable establishment? Here are the top five things you didn’t know about Decatur Nursery & Florist.

1) A Wide Selection Of Plants And Flowers

Decatur Nursery & Florist offers an extensive lineup of greenery throughout their nursery. From shrubs to trees, indoor plants to outdoor decoratives; they have everything you need! In addition to their broad range of selections, their partner network enables them to source even more exotic types in case they do not have a specific plant in stock.

2) Complimentary Planting Service For Purchases Over $300!

For customers who purchase plants amounting over three hundred dollars or more at once from Decatur Nursery & Florists can avail pick-up-and-plant services free-of-cost by experts at labelling them correctly according to local climate zones ensuring optimum growth potential right after exchange..

3) Expert Knowledge Makes Shopping Easier

One thing that sets this nursery apart is the expertise possessed by its staff members. They don’t just work there; most of them love planting themselves like we does! So expect nothing less than sound insight when seeking advice on which type of plant best suits your home environment. Their recommendations extend beyond aesthetics – weight multiple factors such as soil type, drainage requirements among others before making any suggestions.

4) Vast Collection Of Container Gardens

If you’re looking for something unique yet still practical for your garden space our container gardens offer a wide selection guaranteed will decorate perfectly anywhere placed year-round regardless if indoors or outdoors—they also make excellent gifts!

5) Customized Arrangement Services:

Lastly, Did You Know Decatur Nursery & Florist is a full-service florist, with some of the most talented floral designers in Decatur? We craft flower arrangements, from small gestures to grand bouquets and themed pieces. In addition, we’re happy to work with you when specifying what flowers or colors are needed to cater an event, be it weddings or other occasions.

All in all…

These five facts demonstrate that there’s much more than just plants available at this nursery. With exceptional customer service and various offerings such as container gardens, planting services for bulk purchases, extensive plant varieties along professional arrangement services tailored according to your specific needs – Decatur Nursery & Florists definitely stands out amongst competition!

Whether you’re searching for new additions to your household garden space, need advice on which type of bush would be perfect according to local climate patterns or looking for beautifully customized fragrant centerpieces – look no further! Head over today and get anything botanic at affordable pricing without compromising quality thanks until next time friends 🌸

Beyond Flowers: Unique Offerings at Decatur Nursery & Florist

When it comes to expressing our feelings, nothing quite beats the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers. Whether you want to congratulate a friend on their birthday or express your love to someone special, floral arrangements have always been a classic choice. However, did you know that a top-notch florist like Decatur Nursery & Florist can offer much more than just bouquets?

Located in Decatur, this nursery and florist has become an iconic spot for all things green and blooming in Atlanta. From learning how to keep your plants alive to picking out the perfect vase for your centerpiece, Decatur Nursery & Florist offers services that cater both novice plant parents and seasoned flower enthusiasts.

Let’s dive into some of their unique offerings beyond just flowers:

1. Custom Plant Arrangements

Sure – flowers are beautiful but they aren’t exactly long-lasting when compared with houseplants. If you’re looking for something that lasts longer than a few days or weeks, then consider custom plant arrangements from DN&F! They can help you design a living arrangement of fascinating succulents or striking foliage plants as per your style preference.

2. Stylish Pots & Vases

Talk about bringing personality into your interiors – nothing does it better than some chic pots filled with plants! Elevate even humble cuttings with stunning Lucite pots or artistic terra cotta containers provided by DN&F staff members who help match them perfectly to complement any room’s vibe..

3. Landscape Design Services

Whether its new build construction or updating existing landscape architecture around homes/offices/retail areas/, landscaping designs expertly donecan transform the space completely while adding value! At DN&F we work closely with landscaping clients every step of way form initial conceptsto making sure all aspectsloof plansare executed successfully through completion . Our team works accordingaccordingu togardeningbest practices using locally sourced materials .

4. Wedding Bouquets And Decor

Weddings – could there be a more special celebration when it comes to expressing love and appreciation for family, friends or spouse! At DN&Fwe understand that every wedding is unique which is why we work with each coupleto ensure the flowers on their special day are done according to their taste preferences – whether you opt for traditional arrangements or contemporary tropical bouquets.

In conclusion, Decatur Nursery & Florist caters a lot more than just classic floral delivery services. Think of us as your one-stop-shop-destination offering personalized plant arrangements, stylish containers, landscape design consultationsand gorgeous bouquet/decorservicesforyournext event. Stop by our shop at any time during working hours (along with COVID precautions) whereour expert florists guide you through all possibilities blooming in store.

Flowers have been used for ages to convey our innermost feelings of love, care, gratitude, and even sorrow. The beauty of flowers lies in their ability to speak volumes without uttering a single word. Decatur Nursery & Florist understands this perfectly and provides its diverse clientele with premium quality floral arrangements coupled with top-notch services.

Customer Reviews reveal that people are extremely impressed by the professionalism, creativity and personal touch provided by the team at Decatur Nursery & Florist. With almost 30 years of experience under their belt; they know how different variations work together making each arrangement unique.

Many customers are pleasantly surprised at the attention given to detail when creating specially crafted floral arrangements. These include colour schemes personalised heartfelt messages and special requests which truly resonate as it sets them apart from other florists big box stores or online portals where you don’t get input on what goes into your order..

Decatur’s fresh cut flower selections always leave an impression on first-time visitors who appreciate options beyond traditional roses others opt for seasonal plant choices too – which makes sense if one thinks about wanting to celebrate spring tulips instead of fall mums!

The exceptional customer service has left many satisfied clients having confidence in trusting them during life’s most significant moments such weddings funerals birthdays anniversaries etc not just because they will show up but because they excel above expectations when bringing a little bit more than just blooms

Another area receiving praise is their delivery times quick efficient colourful attributes also flexible time schedules accommodate both same day orders along advance planning too This truly reflects the dedication effort passion which allows everyone using these products benefitting individuals businesses communities alike overall reigniting appreciation among society preserving natures treasures forever enduring legacy…

Table with useful data:

Product Description Price (USD)
Annual Flowers A variety of colorful, blooming plants that last one growing season. $2.99 – $14.99
Perennial Flowers Plants that come back year after year, often with beautiful blooms. $4.99 – $29.99
Shrubs and Trees Larger plants that provide shade, privacy or simply enhance your yard’s beauty. $19.99 – $249.99
Gift Baskets Beautifully packaged baskets of flowers, plants, and other goodies. $19.99 – $149.99
Flower Arrangements Custom arrangements made with fresh, seasonal flowers for any occasion. $29.99 – $199.99
Garden Supplies Tools, fertilizers, pest control and more to maintain a healthy garden. $3.99 – $49.99

Information from an expert

Decatur Nursery & Florist is a top-notch company that offers quality plants and flowers to customers. Their team of experts ensures that all their products are delivered fresh, healthy, and attractive for the best customer satisfaction. With years of experience in this field, Decatur Nursery & Florist has become a trusted name among clients who want to purchase exquisite floral arrangements or find the right plant for their home or office décor. They have a wide range of options available at affordable prices with unmatched expertise and excellent customer service.

Historical fact:

Decatur Nursery & Florist was founded in 1913 by David Owen Thomas and has remained a fixture of the Decatur, Georgia community for over a century, providing generations with beautiful flowers and plants for their homes and gardens.

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