5 Secrets from Diana Gould Florist: How to Create Stunning Floral Arrangements [Expert Tips]

Short answer: Diana Gould Florist

Diana Gould Ltd. is a renowned floral design and event production company based in New York, specializing in custom arrangements and decor for weddings and events. With over 30 years of experience, their work has been featured in prestigious publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot.

Step by step: Our Process at Diana Gould Florist

At Diana Gould Florist, we are passionate about creating beautiful floral arrangements that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our process is a blend of creativity and expertise that ensures each of our designs reflects the unique vision and preferences of our clients.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how we turn an idea into a stunning floral masterpiece for any occasion:

1. Consultation: The first step in the process is to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced designers. During this meeting, they will get to know you better by asking questions related to your style preferences, color choices, budget, event theme or venue, etc.

2. Design Concept: Based on your initial consultation and input, our team will create a personalized design concept just for you—featuring everything from flower types to shape and structure—that best brings your vision to life.

3. Quote Proposal: Once the design concept has been approved by you as well as finalized based on availability & seasonality by us; we provide you with detailed price breakdown so there are no surprises later!

4. Collaboration & Revision: We welcome feedback! After receiving approval along with payment confirmation ,we revise accordingly while keeping everyone informed throughout; staying flexible even when there may be last-minute changes due unforeseen circumstances!

5.Production/Shipment : Next comes production – material sourcing/scouting if needed (within reason) followed by assembly/arrangiements either in-house or transported safely for set up at designated location.. ensuring all details are perfect before installation

6.Delivery/Set-Up/Break Down : Delivery/set-up/break down logistics would be executed efficiently for hassle-free experience customer envisioned once all details have been finalized beforehand after instalment it only take final touch ups right before ‘go time’.

At Diana Gould Florist ,our commitment doesn’t stop when installation does — although if client wants additional services such as pick-up/clean-up these could also arranged ;the positive relationship resulting out providing excellent services and client’s satisfaction are paramount.

In conclusion, our process is incredibly collaborative and flexible. We pride ourselves on creating unique floral arrangements that celebrate life events —be it corporate galas, weddings or any other pivotal moments of joy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Diana Gould Florist Services

At Diana Gould Ltd., many of our clients come to us with questions about the wide variety of floral services we offer. From event florals and wedding arrangements to weekly corporate accounts, we’ve been delighting customers since 1972 with custom designs created specifically for their unique vision. To help you out, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our company:

Q: Do you have a showroom where I can see your work in person?
A: Yes! Our showroom is located at 39 Westmoreland Ave., White Plains, NY 10606. We welcome all prospective clients who would like to see our floral creations firsthand.

Q: Can I make a consultation appointment over the phone or via email?
A: Absolutely! You may either call us at (914)285-1880 or email events@dianagouldltd.com to schedule an appointment.

Q: How far in advance should I book my event/wedding flowers?
A: It’s best to contact us as soon as possible after securing your venue and date, preferably six months before the actual event date.

Q: What happens during a floral design consultation?
A: During your initial consultation appointment, we’ll discuss your interests and style preferences while reviewing sample images that will inspire ideas for colors and styles that most interest you.

Q: Are there any hidden costs associated with designing arrangements and decor?
A. Diana Gould Florist Services has an upfront pricing policy where every cost is transparently disclosed upon quotation agreement between both parties involved.

Q. How does payment work for weddings/events/corporate accounts?
A. For special occasions such as weddings/events/corporate accounts; payments get made through invoices sent by invoice manager accompanying each delivery request sent towards contractual mutually agreed service agreement terms specifying project budget allocation within time frame deliverables agreed beforehand.

In conclusion, If you have more specific concerns beyond these FAQs outlined above regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Diana Gould Florist Services! Our professional and friendly customer service team is always happy to help.

The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Diana Gould Florist

Diana Gould Florist is a renowned florist in the tri-state area known for its exceptional quality and creativity in floral arrangements for weddings, corporate events, and other occasions. With over 30 years of experience, Diana Gould has established itself as an industry leader, offering world-class designs that are unique and personalized to each client’s needs.

Here are the top five facts you need to know about Diana Gould Florist:

1. Personal Touch: The team at Diana Gould Florist understands the importance of personalizing every arrangement they create based on their clients’ preferences. They go above and beyond to understand your vision for your event and translate it into bespoke floral creations such as bouquets, centerpieces or even stunning chuppahs or mandaps.

2. Innovation: As trends evolve, so does Diana Gould Florist’s approach towards floral design – embracing new techniques and incorporating cutting-edge elements into their work enables them to stay ahead of emerging trends while maintaining traditional elegance. One can expect state-of-the-art materials like exotic blooms sourced from around the world in combination with seasonal ones making their spectacular arrangements truly one-of-a-kind.

3. High-quality Service: The team takes pride in its high-quality service when working with clients – communication leading up to an event is paramount! They’ll always be sure that both parties are fully prepared throughout every step of the design process—from conception through execution—taking care never leaves anything overlooked during planning stages

4.Expertise & Experience speaks – Their impressive portfolio includes having worked on some highly publicized wedding ceremonies featuring A-list celebrities such as Michael Jackson (hope “the king” likes lilies?), P Diddy (who couldn’t have his party without DG Flowers involved) just recently Nick Jonas’ extravagant Indian Wedding (watch out Priyanka!). It’s no wonder why aside from these couples choosing them time again they’ve garnered recognition globally though awards including being honoured by Town And Country Weddings as best florists in New York City.

5. Unbeatable Value: Diana Gould Florist is renowned for its exceptional value, providing clients with highly professional services and truly stunning floral designs at competitive prices. One can definitely feel content that they’re in good hands while working within their budget – the magic this team creates will always leave you dazzled (and completely worry-free!).

In summary, if you’re looking for a reputable florist to make your event unforgettable, look no further than the experts at Diana Gould Florist! Their expertise combined with world-class designs means nothing but stress-free planning ahead of whatever occasion or celebration it may be!

Behind the Scenes: How Diana Gould Florist Delivers Stunning Floral Displays

Diana Gould Florist is a renowned floral company that has been creating stunning arrangements for weddings, corporate events and private clients for over 30 years. What makes this florist truly unique however, is the passion and expertise of its team who go above and beyond to ensure that every event is one to remember.

Drawing inspiration from art, nature and fashion, Diana Gould’s team crafts nuanced and sophisticated floral displays that are designed to make a lasting impression on all those in attendance. The process starts with an initial consultation where clients can discuss their vision with one of the company’s designers. Here they will discuss everything from color scheme preferences to budget constraints in order to create something truly bespoke.

Once designs have been sketched out and agreed upon it’s time for sourcing some of the most exquisite blooms available which helps them add both elegance and uniqueness factor into their arrangement design. Finding high-quality flowers isn’t easy since there are usually seasonal limitations but her team always strives towards excellence by seeking unusual or unexpected flower types particularly sourced straight from local growers.

Assembling each display requires significant technical skill as well as artistic talent. Each stem must be carefully placed so as not to overshadow another while still showcasing its own natural beauty within its surrounding visual elements including lights, fabrics or certain decorative accents like use of crystals or pearls in detailed centerpieces etc…

Finally (and perhaps most importantly) comes delivery day! As experienced professionals within the industry know timing plays critical role here in ensuring ultimate results which should remain fresh yet looking lush even after few hours especially during long transportation times alongside quick setup/integration at venue before guests arrive doesn’t left much margin of error thus it requires meticulous planning coupled up-to-date best practices strategies & logistics know-hows being applied judiciously throughout entire execution phase until project completion including timely finishing touches mainly aimed towards wow-factor presentation effect.

Following these guidelines means that patrons receive not only excellent customer service but also heavily personalized experiences therefore Diana Gould Florist’s name has cemented its reputation as the go-to florist for all those seeking stunning floral arrangements that help turn life events into truly unforgettable memories.

Creating Lasting Impressions: Why Choose Diana Gould as Your Partner in Flower Arrangement

As we all know, flowers are not just beautiful – they also carry meanings and messages that can elicit different emotions in people. From a simple bouquet of roses to elaborate floral arrangements for weddings and other special events, the right flower arrangement can instantly transform any space and set the tone for your event. But with so many options out there on how to arrange flowers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or unsure about where to start.

That’s where Diana Gould comes in as your ideal partner when it comes to creating lasting impressions through stellar flower arrangements. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Diana has established herself as one of New York’s most sought-after florists with a reputation for her exquisite designs and impeccable attention to detail.

When choosing Diana Gould as your go-to flower expert, there are several factors you should consider:

1) A keen eye for design: One thing that sets apart an experienced florist from someone who dabbles into DIY arrangements is their innate ability to create stunning designs tailored towards their clients’ needs. As an artist at heart, Diana takes inspiration from nature and personalizes each arrangement she creates using unique combinations of textures, colors, shapes and varieties of blossoms – be it orchids or tulips – whatever speaks volumes about the occasion she’s curating.

2) Attention to details: Flowers do more than just add color; they help bring together your overall theme and create ambiance reflective of seasonality by incorporating elements like vibrant greenery during spring or darker tones & dried natural materials perfect for winter celebrations akin Autumn festivities . When working with a professional florist such as Diana Gould who pays meticulous attention every stepfrom selecting stems–the types needed ranging from long-stems ones providing height while shorter being used around borders radiating intimate vibe- helps make sure that every aspect such as wrapping paper/wrapping technique/floral foam placement/holds them securely in places etc., backed up by a team of skilled professionals , your event will be nothing short of stunning.

3) Personalized approach towards every client: Everyone has their unique likes and preferences when it comes to flowers, which is why having the ability to create personalized floral arrangements that align with your style and taste – while also keeping in mind specific nuances for each occasion- is crucial. Diana and her experienced floral designers work closely with clients to identify what they want, ensure its feasibility in reality; propose adjustments as needed adding subtle yet creative elements whenever possible.

4) Years of experience & Industry Knowledge : With over forty years’ worth of experience under her belt – coupled with excellent customer service skills-, Diana Gould fully understand how intricate handling anything from prom corsages, small outdoor events like intimate gatherings to large scale weddings involve different approaches each time.. Having been around long enough means knowing who to trust when sourcing blooms such as peonies or dahlias that bloom during particular season taking into account weather patterns influencing availability throughout the year . When working with Diana one can rest easy allowing her expertise do all heavy lifting leaving you free enjoy everything else associated with curating an unforgettable gathering ,party or special occasion!.

In conclusion, choosing Diana Gould as your partner in flower arrangement guarantees you an exceptional outcome whereby she harnesses artistry backed up by industry knowledge creating tailored pieces reflective both on-season occasions relying on natural elegance woven through timeless skill set gained though various experiences along career path spanning over four decades.
Whatever vision lies ahead for a perfect celebration could not better have manifested itself than sharing them exclusively curated by an established proffesional florist…and there’s no bette choice than DIANA GOULD!

From Weddings to Corporate Events: The Best Ways to Utilize the Services of Diana Gould Florist

When it comes to events, the right flowers can make all the difference in taking an event from ordinary to extraordinary. With Diana Gould Florist, you get a team of creative experts that are experienced in designing custom floral arrangements that add beauty, elegance and charm to weddings and corporate events alike. Whether you need bouquets for your bridesmaids or centerpieces for your gala, their team is dedicated to crafting designs that perfectly match your style and theme.


Weddings are one of our specialities! At DG Floral Designs we understand the importance of every element on this very special day including carefully crafted flower arrangements. It’s said that flowers create atmosphere within spaces; That’s why we strive to craft creations exceeding expectations – flawless bridal bouquets down to perfect bouts boutonnieres. Some may say these must-haves alone could highlight any wedding but ask yourself- How large scale do you dream? I mean let us take care of styling gardens whether it be tables draped with ivies or cascading rose-petals lining chairs at an outdoor ceremony spot!

Corporate Events

Flowers not only brighten up a room but also instill inspiration towards greatness- making them ideal for corporate settings like boardrooms through galas. With Diana Gould Flower designer services catering towards Corporate brand identity becomes important as well as creating beautiful ambiance encouraging communication pathways amongst attendees while actively influencing mindsets positively with creation close connections due tasteful design choices.

Diana Gould Flowers makes thinking outside conventions so easy when keeping client preferences top-of-mind such as incorporating logo colors into table decorations – imagine black tie setups composed sophisticatedly alongside personalized company branding utilizing cherry-red tulips… subliminally compelling message sent whilst charming guests simultaneously inviting much appreciated pats accolades upon yourselves complimenting event display showcasing effortlessly dazzling aesthetics laced throughout evenings set mission where networking seamless climax vast relationships formed thriving post-event possibilities…


When planning an event like a wedding or corporate event, you want to ensure that everything is perfect. With the floral design expertise of Diana Gould Florist, you don’t have to worry about this important detail because they will handle it for you with professional elegance and style. From customized bouquets and centerpieces — all perfectly matching your style or brand aesthetic – their talented designers will work tirelessly until we exceed your expectations.

With a range of services available from Wedding; Bouquets – Boutonnieres, Alter arrangements (Cathedral alter Organics), Reception adornments including tablescapes & place settings highlighting personal branding; to Corporate events favoring incorporating company logo and repeat motifs amongst ottoman tray centerpieces garnishing cocktails through banquet room highlights… We specialize in creating stunning floral designs tailored specifically around completely customizing these unique moments – perfection achieved picnics-to-ballrooms, indoors-or-out our team guarantee event flowers fly high even after saying farewell to last guests left standing!

When all these eye-pleasing details come together within an environment curated by DG Floral Designs delivering an inviting atmosphere every which way resulting towards enhancing each moment uniquely complements any occasion on its own allowing memories to be cherished endlessly!

Table with useful data:

Service Description
Wedding Flowers Designs for bridal bouquets, reception centerpieces and ceremony flowers.
Event Flowers Flower arrangements for corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.
Flower Delivery Same-day delivery of fresh-cut flowers and plants to homes, hospitals and businesses.
Custom Floral Design Bespoke flower arrangements for clients who want a unique and creative touch for their special events.
Gourmet Gift Baskets Hand-picked selection of gourmet treats, cheeses, crackers and wines in a beautifully wrapped basket.

Information from an expert

Diana Gould is a renowned florist who has been working in the industry for over 30 years. She is highly skilled in creating unique and breathtaking floral arrangements that are perfectly tailored to suit her clients’ needs. Diana takes great pride in selecting the highest quality flowers and foliage, paying close attention to detail to create stunning displays that exceed expectations. Her work can be seen at high-profile events across New York City, including weddings, corporate gatherings, and exclusive private parties. If you’re looking for a florist with experience and expertise, look no further than Diana Gould.

Historical Fact:

Diana Gould, a successful florist in New York City, gained national attention in the 1970s for creating elaborate floral arrangements and designs for events hosted by high-profile clients such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Studio 54.

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