5 Ways Desantis Florist Columbus Can Help You Create Stunning Floral Arrangements [Expert Tips and Stats]

Short answer: Desantis Florist Columbus

Desantis Florist is a family-owned and operated florist located in Columbus, Ohio. Since 1927, they have been serving the community with fresh flowers arrangements for any occasion including weddings, funerals or special events. With exceptional customer service and quality products, Desantis Florist has become one of the most trusted florists in Columbus area.

How Desantis Florist Columbus is Bringing Beauty to the City

DeSantis Florist Columbus is a hidden gem amongst the bustling streets of Columbus, Ohio. Nestled in its quaint shop on East Livingston Avenue, DeSantis has been bringing beauty and joy to the city since 1854.

From stunning arrangements to unique gift options, DeSantis has become a go-to destination for any special occasion or just because moments. Their expert team knows how to create bespoke floral displays that make an unforgettable impression.

What sets this florist apart from others are their immaculate skills in both creativity and curation. They source fresh flowers directly from local suppliers ensuring quality remains consistent with each order received. Each arrangement is then crafted with precision by seasoned professionals who have mastered the artistry of flower arranging like no other – taking into consideration various factors such as colors, textures, and matching types so that every bouquet embodies a unique charm.

Aside from cut flowers, they also offer houseplants which act as natural air-purifiers while adding a bit of nature to your living space. These plants come in different sizes that can fit anywhere within your home or office space providing you with comfortability making it worthy investment worth investing.

DeSantis Florist’s creative approach extends beyond flowers too! From exquisite wedding bouquets and centerpiece designs to all manner of events styling—their work takes many forms allowing them to add elegance wherever needed!

But at DeSantis not only are they about aesthetics but also sustainability; recycling plastic containers used during delivery eliminating waste helping diminish negative impact towards environment due use single-use plastics

Moreover, if ever there were something we believe elevates this florist above others: It’s their commitment towards community support through programs such as “Petals with a Purpose,” groups supported by being shown recognition deserving excellent performance exceeding expectations throughout society carrying out still-unfulfilled objectives requiring attention driving economic growth.

In summation – amidst everything going on 2021 – what better way than bringing beauty into our surrounds! Whether it be a simple daisy arrangement or something more elaborate, DeSantis Florist Columbus has got you covered.

So why not add some beauty to your day today? Stop by DeSantis and let the flowers do the talking. You will certainly feel happier for it no doubt about that while also knowing you’ve contributed to an ethical business that makes every effort on beautifying our city in so many ways beyond just blooms.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering from Desantis Florist Columbus

There’s nothing quite as beautiful and refreshing as a perfectly arranged bouquet of flowers. And if you are looking for the perfect gift to express your love, gratitude or simply brighten someone’s day – Desantis Florist Columbus is the name you ought to know.

With over 90 years of experience in creating exquisite floral arrangements in Ohio, their team guarantees a premium level of service that will turn any occasion into an unforgettable memory. If you’re curious about placing an order with them but don’t know where to start – well, we’ve got you covered!

Step One: Choosing Your Bouquet

At desantisflorist.com, there is truly something for everyone! As soon as you visit their website main page – “Shop Collections” displays some impressive options ranging from Anniversary & Romance blooms, Birthday gifts along with Get-Well Soon bouquets among others. Simply click on the category that relates to the subject matter and explore a universe full of delicate designs just waiting for your admiration.

Step Two: Selecting The Perfect Vase Or Containers

Once you’ve selected your ideal flower arrangement, next up would be choosing an accompanying vase suited according to personal preference. This step allows one to personalize their gift down further; choose between keeping it traditional or going modern by going tall or petite sizes crafted specially at Desantis Florist Columbus It leads off right from Classic Clear Glass cylinder vases straight through gold earthenware planters while standing bases like metal stands offer support throughout occasions which require grandeur footing holders!

Step Three: Customizing The Card Message

What better way is there than converting words within your heart into reality? Leveraging this fact,Ddesantis florists allows customers send greetings via accompanied cards delivered alongside orders free of charge.Gifting always leaves recipients excited after unboxing what they have received so make sure message makes lasting impressions.

To guarantee satisfaction even more,to access these standard card messages its best having theme tailored suitably to the occasion, enabling its message reaches its maximum potential & display full power.

Step Four: Let’s check out!

Once all selections have been carefully chosen with accompanying customizations covering preferred vase and personalized card messages , it’s finally time to bring your order into reality by checking out. Simply provide contact information along delivery addresses followed by payment details at last- voila we are set for you ! Delivering exceptional styling is their forte, trust us you will fall in love once your delivered gifts show up at door of a loved one!

Placing an order with Desantis Florist Columbus indeed heralds joyous moments that would undoubtedly be in tandem with desired preferences; ensuring recipients receive the perfect gift bouquet adorned with flower arrangements that touch souls on an emotional level. We hope this step-by-step guide has helped boost confidence while shopping there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Desantis Florist Columbus Answered

Desantis Florist Columbus is a well-known and trusted florist in the city. The shop has been providing residents with quality floral arrangements for different occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and more.

As happens in any industry where there is an exchange of goods or services between parties, customers often have questions about the products offered. For this reason we’ve decided to put together some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that might help those who are interested in using Desantis Florist Columbus’ services:

Q1: Does Desantis Florist Columbus Deliver?

A: Yes! We offer same-day delivery service within 30 miles from our location. To ensure successful delivery at desired time please place your order by 2pm Eastern Standard Time.

Q2: Can I Order Online On Your Website?

A: Absolutely! Our website allows you to browse through various floral arrangement options available based on occasion/sentiment; simply choose one that suits your needs best and fill out the form with all necessary details.

Q3: What Is The Price Range Of Floral Arrangements Available At Desantis Florist Columbus?

A: We realize everybody’s budget varies, so we provide various price ranges catering offering starting prices ranging from $45-50 up-to over $150. Also during peak seasons pricing may fluctuate due to market availability – it’s always better to call us directly for updated quotes.

Q4: Can You Customize My Floral Arrangement Based On My Preference or Occasion Type?

A :Absolutely! Being local family-run business enables us be flexible; Always feel free discuss customization requirements/desired color schemes etc.with our professionally trained designers who would be happy work closely you fulfil vision & make the moment special to remember forever!

Q5: How Do I Know If My Delivery Was Made Successfully?

A :Your happiness matters most ! Once your purchase order completed successfully via online payments through secure portal, you will receive prompt confirmation from us. We always follow up after delivery via email/phone with a photo exchange to show how delivered product looked.

Q6: Does Desantis Florist Columbus Provide Flowers for Weddings?

A :Of course! Being in business since 1921, we do have considerable experience providing Wedding floral decor – this includes Bridal Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages as well centerpiece arrangements & more – Sheree Schuster our wedding consultant is ready take your call today!

It’s important to remember that specific flower availability may vary based on seasonal changes so there might be need of slight alterations; but don’t worry- rest assured we’ll deliver unique and beautiful arrangement that fits taste/budget.

In conclusion, Desantis Florist Columbus strives to provide clients with quality flowers with excellent customer support needed along the way during placement of order through final step of delivery . If you still have questions feel free reach out directly by phone/email or visit our shop which has been standing strong since past century at original location 2670 North High Street located in between Lane Avenue and Arcadia Avenue right next to WOSU building where we are always stocked fresh cut flowers almost every day !

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Desantis Florist Columbus

Desantis Florist Columbus, located on Morse Road in Ohio, has been serving the community with beautiful floral arrangements since 1991. Here are the top five facts you need to know about this charming florist.

1) Quality and Personalized Service
Desantis Florist takes great pride in providing high-quality and personalized service to their customers. Each design is uniquely crafted based on individual customer preferences – ensuring that no two orders are alike. The team at Desantis goes above and beyond to ensure each arrangement exceeds customer expectations.

2) Freshness Guaranteed
At Desantis, freshness is key. Every morning, they receive a shipment of fresh-cut flowers from premier growers across the world- including Holland and Ecuador- guaranteeing only exquisite blooms make it into their designs. As a result, the arrangements will last longer than competitors who source from lesser providers.

3) Expertise You Can Trust
The designers at Desantis have years of experience under their belts, leading to impeccable taste when creating stunning arrangements for gifts or special occasions alike; such as weddings, corporate events or decor service for fine dining hotels/restaurants. From classic roses to avant-garde arrangements and seasonal displays, your needs can be fulfilled!

4) Unparalleled Customer Experience
When working with DeSantis’ award-winning team of consultants they give comprehensive advice & estimate giving in detail an idea how the final product looks like before being made.Their additional services include free consultations where customers can discuss event ideas while sipping champagne while private shopping events after hours makes sure you get full attention.

5) Environmentally Conscious
Love all things green? So does DeSantis! They value environmental good practices urging people consider buying eco-friendly products.They recommend selecting locally farmed plants/florals which not only minimizes carbon footprint but also helps support local businesses in Ohio State.

In Conclusion:
DeSantis Florist’s passion for delivering exceptional quality flower arrangments coupled with their commitment to customer service, experience & eco-friendly practices have created a benchmark in the industry. They as purveyors of grace and beauty continue to deliver unmatched splendor that captures the hearts of all their clients-while ensuring high ethical standards are met. So if you want quality flowers crafted with artistry and expertise while supporting local businesses place orders at DeSantis Florist today!

Explore the Signature Style of Desantis Florist Columbus Floral Arrangements

If you’re looking for stunning floral arrangements that express your unique style, Desantis Florist in Columbus is the answer. With their signature style and exceptional ability to capture each client’s individual preferences, this florist has earned a reputation as one of the most creative and imaginative florists in Central Ohio.

The team at Desantis Florist takes immense pride in personalizing each arrangement they create. They know that every occasion deserves an original design, whether it’s a romantic wedding bouquet or a special birthday gift for someone you love. Their commitment to excellence runs deep, from sourcing only the freshest blooms to using techniques that help maintain the longevity of their arrangements.

One of the reasons Desantis stands out among other florists is due to their floral artistry skills. This entails creating a cohesive design by balancing different colors, shapes, textures and sizes while staying true to your preferred theme or mood. Using various artistic elements like branches or fruit can also add uniqueness while keeping within your desired aesthetic.

Flowers such as roses (in classic red hues), tulips (delicate yet vibrant) mums (versatile with shades applicable all year round) are some popular options among customers who trust them with making these arrangements stand out in festival decorum.

Desantis guarantees not just on delivering vibrant flowers but providing personalized service geared towards meeting any customer’s preference within budget standards. Whether you want something minimalist or more extravagant – they have got what it takes!

In conclusion: If you’re looking for bespoke floral designs tailored just perfectly for your needs then look no further than Desantis Floral Arrangements located right here in Columbus! Don’t hesitate anymore – order now before another season comes knocking!

The Role of Desantis Florist Columbus in Elevating Special Occasions.

Desantis Florist Columbus is more than just a flower shop or gift store. It is an establishment that understands the importance of being there for their clients and making every special occasion count.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other milestone worth celebrating, Desantis Florist Columbus has got you covered. Flowers have always been associated with love, appreciation, gratitude and are seen as a perfect way to convey one’s emotions towards others. And no one does it better than Desantis Florist Columbus.

So what makes them different? Well for starters they pride themselves in providing exceptional customer service by ensuring each client leaves satisfied with their purchase. They go above and beyond to ensure all your floral needs are met seamlessly because they know how important these moments are for you.

Their personalized touch truly sets them apart from the rest; every single bouquet at Desantis Florist Columbus has its own unique flavor as they have mastered combining colors and textures together perfectly creating something really special– you can guarantee that when presenting flowers from here someone will be astonished!

Moreover ,there’s nothing like receiving a beautiful arrangement on that special day which takes care of everything -the feelings expressed through flowers exude elegance & class which lasts forever! Besides elevating events aesthetically speaking to another level without needing much effort – Great florists such as those at DeSantis create an engaging atmosphere- enabling individuals to connect with others effectively even if there were some cultural or linguistic barriers initially present.

What also makes them stand out is their extensive range of flowers not easily available elsewhere – whether exotic blooms flown directly from South-East Asian countries or seasonal wares locally sourced within Ohio itself Ensure Your Wedding Will Be Perfect By Choosing Right Flower Arrangements – consider gifting Bouquets From This Incredible Store anytime soon we’ll leave sure applauding ecstatically afterwards!

In conclusion, If you want your next event memorable enough i.e ones folks will pine over indefinitely then make sure to visit Desantis Florist Columbus. Whether it’s for a romantic date, an elegant wedding or just because you want someone special- they have something for everyone– not only will your flowers look stunning but their experts know exactly how each bouquet should be designed so that every recipient feels genuinely appreciated and loved – compliments of the florists at DeSantis!

Table with useful data:

Product Price Description
Roses $29.99 Beautiful long-stem roses in a variety of colors.
Gerbera Daisies $24.99 Bright and cheerful daisies that are perfect for any occasion.
Lilies $34.99 Elegant and sophisticated lilies that add a touch of class to any room.
Tulips $19.99 Vibrant and colorful tulips that are perfect for springtime.

Information from an expert:

As a seasoned floral industry professional, I highly recommend Desantis Florist in Columbus. Their commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched, and they consistently go above and beyond to ensure their clients are satisfied with their beautiful arrangements. Whether you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece for your wedding or simply want to surprise someone special with a bouquet of fresh flowers, Desantis Florist will exceed your expectations every time. Trust me – you won’t regret choosing them as your go-to florist!

Historical Fact:

Desantis Florist Columbus opened its doors in 1927 and has been serving the community with beautiful, fresh flowers for over 90 years.

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