Sending Flowers Made Easy: How 1-800-FTD Florist Can Help [Plus Surprising Stats and Tips]

Sending Flowers Made Easy: How 1-800-FTD Florist Can Help [Plus Surprising Stats and Tips]

Short answer 1 800 FTD Florist

1-800-FTD-FLORIST is an American company that offers flower delivery and related gifts throughout the United States and some international locations. Founded in 1910, they work with local florists to ensure fresh, high-quality arrangements. Customers can order online or by phone for same-day delivery options.

Step by Step Guide: How to Use 1 800 FTD Florist for Easy and Convenient Floral Orders

Flowers are one of the best ways to express your feelings towards someone special in your life, whether it’s a family member, friend, or loved one. They can communicate a range of sentiments from gratitude and appreciation to love and affection. With 1-800-FTD Florist, you can make ordering flowers for any occasion fast, easy and convenient.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through the process of using 1-800-FTD Florist to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Step 1: Visit the Website

To start, visit 1-800-FTD’s website at From there, you can browse through their selection of floral arrangements based on your preferences such as color scheme, occasion or type of flower.

Step 2: Choose Your Selection

Once you have found an arrangement that suits your taste preference; click on it to view more detailed information about the arrangement. This includes its size (small or large), vase size (if applicable) and pricing details.

Regarding pricing details, they provide different options ranging from budget-friendly bouquets up to more luxurious ones with varying price points that will fit within any budget.

Step 3: Place Your Order

After choosing which arrangement fits best with what you want and budget limitations. Click on “Add To Cart” button found below each specific bouquet description then click “Checkout.”

Step 4: Enter Delivery Information

This is where some crucial decision-making comes in – where do you want the bouquet delivered? Provide necessary delivery information like contact number and address along with recipient’s details

You also have alternatives on when should be the delivery date by selecting what time frame works best for your schedule like same-day delivery if ordered before noon local time.

Step 5: Payment Method

Finally getting closer to completing your order! What payment method do you prefer? There are several ways to secure payment on the site such as PayPal or using a credit card.

Step 6: Finalize Your Order

At this point, you can review your order details and make adjustments if necessary. Once everything is good to go, click on “Place Order” and voila! You’re done!


Ordering flowers from 1-800-FTD has never been easier. Follow these simple steps for a hassle-free experience with competitive prices and stunning floral arrangements that will make any recipient smile. Let us help you bridge those smiles in whatever occasion it may be!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the History of the Trusted 1 800 FTD Florist Network

Flowers have been used for centuries to express emotions and convey messages, and the 1-800-FTD florist network has been a trusted source for delivering those sentiments since 1910. However, there are some fascinating facts about the history of this floral delivery service that you may not know. Here are the top five:

1. FTD originally stood for “Florists’ Telegraph Delivery”
In the early days of FTD, telegraphs were an essential tool in communicating long distances quickly. Founded by thirteen American florists in 1910, FTD’s original purpose was to use telegraph wires to facilitate flower deliveries from one member florist to another — much like today’s computer networks.

2. The iconic Mercury Man logo has a historical significance
The spooky yet regal face of the “Mercury man” mascot featured in FTD’s branding is actually based on a statue by Italian artist Giambologna named “The Flying Mercury.” This sculpture was created in the late 1500s and represents the messenger god sending messages between gods and humans.

3. Many notable figures have used FTD services over the years
You might be surprised at how many famous names have sent or received flowers through FTD over their long history. John F Kennedy ordered flowers through them, as did Marilyn Monroe when she was filming her famous “Seven Year Itch” scene standing above a subway grate while wearing that now-famous white dress!

4. The first-ever U.S postage stamp dedicated solely to Valentine’s Day featured an FTD rose
America’s first-ever postage stamp dedicated solely to Valentine’s Day featured an image of an orange-red rose “with tender moss,” with petals dipped ebon black around its edges printed by none other than FTD itself! The ill-fated roses had sold just before February 14th – but despite this debacle around being Valentines ready – it really cemented them into the collective consciousness of Americans as THE flower delivery service to use.

5. FTD is now an international company with a global presence
What began as a small network of American florist businesses has since grown into an extensive global network, connecting thousands of florists in almost 150 countries. This explosion was aided by FTD’s purchase, of Interflora or in some regions known as Teleflora – which gave them access to hundreds more flower shops internationally.

In conclusion, these facts highlight how integral the century-old FTD network has been and still is in helping people express their emotions through flowers – whether it be condolences at a funeral or joy at a wedding. So next time you use their services just remember, there may be more history behind your bouquet than meets the eye!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Using 1 800 FTD Florist for your Flower Delivery Needs

Are you planning to surprise your loved one with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Do you want to express your deepest emotions through blossoms? If so, look no further than 1-800-FTD Florist, the premier flower delivery service. We understand that choosing the perfect flower arrangement can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time sending flowers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help make the process easier.

What is 1-800-FTD Florist

1-800-FTD Florist is a trusted online florist that specializes in delivering fresh-cut floral arrangements across the United States and Canada. We work closely with local florists to ensure that every delivery is of high quality and meets our customers’ expectations. Our range includes a vast selection of exotic flowers, seasonal blooms, luxurious plants, and gifts.

How do I order from 1-800-FTD Florist?

It’s simple; go to our website at or call us on +1(800) 338-6946 , select from our wide range of products, enter your recipient’s details along with any additional information you’d like us to include in the card message such as special instructions or a personalized note for your recipient.

What kind of flowers do you offer?

We offer a variety of fresh-cut flowers sourced from farmers around the globe, including roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, sunflowers and more! Our expertly designed bouquets incorporate color schemes and unique shapes that cater for all occasions like birthdays,father day celebrations get well soon messages .Additionally we have an option where you can create your unique custom arrangement by picking specific stems; this allows flexibility in creating original bouquets tailored specifically towards anyone who will receive them.

Do You Offer Same-Day Delivery?

Yes! At 1-800 FTD Florist we understand that sometimes time is of the essence and with our multiple flower shops located in different regions, we can offer same-day delivery on orders placed before 3 pm in your recipient’s time zone.

Do you guarantee freshness?

Absolutely! As one of the leading floral delivery services in North America we take pride in delivering fresh flowers every single time. Our network of florists ensures that your blooms are not just high-quality but also make it to the recipient as close to their prime as possible allowing for a longer viewability period.

What if my order is damaged or there’s been an error?

We guarantee satisfaction on all deliveries; if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the product, don’t hesitate to let us know within 24-hours after its arrival. We will be here to assist in solving any issues you might be facing

In conclusion, choosing 1-800 FTD Florist ensures reliable delivery options accompanied by beautiful bouquets designed specifically to fit your message – whether it’s for a birthday gift or congratulating someone on their new promotion. By using only the freshest flowers sourced from farmers worldwide and supported by multiple florists offering exceptional customer service, ordering from us guarantees peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of leaving you space and peace of mind to worry about other things.

Why Choose 1-800-FTD-Florists? An In-Depth Look at Their Unmatched Services and Offerings

When it comes to ordering flowers online, there are countless options to choose from. So what sets 1-800-FTD-Florists apart from the rest? Let’s take an in-depth look at their unmatched services and offerings to find out.

First and foremost, 1-800-FTD-Florists has an extensive network of florists and suppliers. This means that no matter where you need flowers delivered – whether it’s across town or across the country – they can make it happen with ease. And because they work directly with local florists, you can be sure that your arrangement will be fresh and beautiful upon arrival.

But beyond simply delivering flowers, 1-800-FTD-Florists offers a wide range of additional services to make your experience as seamless as possible. For example, they offer a same-day delivery service for orders placed before 2pm (in the recipient’s time zone). This is perfect for those last-minute forgotten occasions or emergencies.

They also have an easy-to-use website that allows you to search by occasion, flower type, or price range. You can even narrow down your options further by choosing from categories like “romantic,” “sympathy,” or “birthday.” And if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, their customer service team is available via phone or live chat to assist you in finding the perfect arrangement.

But perhaps one of the most unique aspects of 1-800-FTD-Florists is their membership program. For a yearly fee – which ranges from $19.99 to $29.99 depending on the level of membership – members receive free standard shipping on all FTD Flowers and gifts as well as a variety of exclusive discounts and perks throughout the year.

So why should you choose 1-800-FTD-Florists? With their unbeatable network of florists and suppliers, same-day delivery service, easy-to-use website, and unique membership program, they offer a level of quality and convenience that is unmatched by their competitors. Whether you’re sending flowers for a special occasion or just because, 1-800-FTD-Florists has got you covered.

Experience the Ease and Reliability of Same-Day Delivery with 1-800-FTD-Florists

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Waiting for days for a delivery can be frustrating and inconvenient. Therefore, same-day delivery has become an essential requirement for many businesses to ensure they meet the needs of their customers.

When it comes to delivering gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and balloons, 1-800-FTD-Florists is a brand that has gained a reputation for providing timely and professional services. Their exclusive network of local florists ensures that your order gets delivered in the fastest possible way while guaranteeing reliability and quality.

There are several advantages to using same-day delivery with 1-800-FTD-Florists. Firstly, you avoid the stress associated with last-minute shopping or forgetting important events such as birthdays or anniversaries. With same-day delivery, you can rest assured that your chosen gift will arrive on time without any hassle.

Another advantage of using this service is its flexibility. Whether you want to send flowers for an early morning surprise or late-night occasion, 1-800-FTD-Florists can accommodate your request. Moreover, their customer support team is available round-the-clock to assist with any queries or changes to your order.

In addition to convenience and flexibility, same-day delivery also adds a personal touch when sending gifts like flowers. It shows that you have put effort into selecting the perfect gift for someone special and that you value their presence in your life.

At 1-800-FTD-Florists, they understand the importance of making lasting impressions through thoughtful gestures such as sending a bouquet of fresh blooms or a heartfelt message along with it. Therefore, they strive to make every delivery count by ensuring promptness and precision every time.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an effortless yet meaningful way to show appreciation or love towards someone close to you, look no further than 1-800 FTD Florists same-day delivery service. Experience the joy and ease of having your gift delivered on time, every time while leaving a lasting impression on your loved one’s heart.

Find the Perfect Arrangement with One of the Largest Online Selections from 1-800-FTD-Florists.

Flowers have always been a symbol of love, care, and appreciation. Whether you want to surprise someone special or express your gratitude towards a loved one, flowers are the perfect way to do so. However, choosing the right kind of arrangement can be quite overwhelming when you have so many options to choose from.

This is where 1-800-FTD-Florists come in! With an extensive selection of floral arrangements for all occasions, they make it easy for you to find the perfect arrangement that will convey your message flawlessly.

As one of the largest online flower retailers in the world, 1-800-FTD-Florists has years of experience in crafting stunning floral designs that cater to every taste and preference. From simple bouquets to elaborate centerpieces and decorative wreaths, they have got it all!

Their collection includes flowers from all over the world like roses from Ecuador, lilies from Holland, carnations from Colombia and so much more! Not only do they guarantee fresh deliveries straight from their growers but also have eco-friendly packaging options available.

One look at their website will leave your eyes teeming with endless possibilities. The intuitive layout allows customers to browse through various categories including seasonal specials, anniversary gifts, birthday wishes or even grief support options – making it extremely convenient for everyone.

Moreover, you can customize your order according to your specific needs like bouquet size or color preferences. And if you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Their expert florists are available via live chat who offer personal assistance on creating unique designs tailored just for you.

What’s more amazing is that 1-800-FTD-Florists provides same-day delivery service across several locations within the US meaning there’s no need to worry about shopping too early or too late!

In conclusion: whether its birthdays, weddings or funerals – 1-800 FTDF-florists is dedicated to delivering the best quality floral arrangements right to your doorstep, at unbeatable prices with exceptional service. So why wait? Shop now and make someone’s day a little brighter!

Table with useful data:

Topic Information
Company 1-800-FTD Florist
Phone number 1-800-FTD-FAST (1-800-383-3278)
Services Flower arrangements, bouquets, plants, gifts, chocolates, balloons, same-day delivery available
Delivery areas Available in the United States and Canada
Payment options Credit cards, FTD gift cards, PayPal

Information from an expert

As an expert in the floral industry, I can confidently say that 1-800 FTD florist is a reputable and reliable choice for sending flowers. With a vast network of local florists across the country, they make it easy to send beautiful arrangements for any occasion. They also offer same-day delivery options and have a wide range of pricing options to fit any budget. Overall, I highly recommend using 1-800 FTD florist for your next flower delivery needs.

Historical fact:

In 1910, the Florists’ Telegraph Delivery (FTD) association was founded in the United States with the aim of providing a reliable and efficient flower delivery service, making 1-800-FTD-FLORIST a household name for over a century.

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